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Our law firm handles complex Immigration Matters such as Removal Defense, Business Immigration, and Employee Compliance Issues. We integrate our litigation skills to resolve Immigration Matters with remedies at the Agency level, in Federal District Court, or in the appropriate Appellate Court. We believe that our ability to litigate with the Department of Homeland Security distinguishes our Immigration Practice.

We take a disciplined approach to Civil Litigation. Our practice is active in both state and federal courts in Connecticut. We handle jury trials, and many of our cases are referrals from other attorneys. While we caution our clients about the inherent risks of placing a dispute before a jury, we welcome the opportunity to try cases to a verdict.

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Save money for your company with our cost-effective Business Litigation. We emphasize goals and develop the means to win each particular case. Every case is different and our personalized strategies address the client and the specific issues at hand. We offer litigation solutions that work.

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We solve problems. And to solve problems we leverage our past work in both Civil and Administrative Law. Our experience in Immigration, where the rules and laws are complex and inconsistent, sharpens our ability to understand and engage complex issues as they arise in Civil Litigation

Today our Civil Litigation and Immigration practice requires our constant and intensive study of the law. Christian Louboutin Black 37.5 Ballet Flats Size US 7 Regular (M, B)We apply a combined commonsense and intellectual approach to our clients' problems. We are not afraid to appeal adverse decisions based on questionable legal grounds or where we believe the law violates due process and fair play. We have grown and changed with the needs of our clients, and that change still occurs today.

Many of our clients are seeking or developing business opportunities in the United States, and they need assistance of local counsel to integrate their foreign businesses with an American counterpart or partner. In this role, we advise them on Immigration matters and also with specialized legal problems outside of our own practice areas, such as tax liabilities, environmental compliance, or securities. We find and supervise attorneys in other states or work with specialists to solve specific problems. Our Civil Practice provides us with a unique perspective on risk and a broad understanding of the legal issues facing foreign-born individuals and foreign-based businesses.

In an era where what is global has become local, we assert that legal practitioners must remain current with the global needs of their clients.

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In 2002, when Attorney Glenn Formica incorporated Formica, P.C., Jimmy Choo Silver Louise Sandals Size US 10 Regular (M, B)the focus was small business litigation that involved employment law, real estate, construction or partnership disputes. Although Attorney Formica had practiced Immigration law at his prior law firm, it was not intended to be a significant part of his new practice. That soon changed.

At first, Immigration cases were handled as a courtesy to existing business clients or pro bono when referred by the community. By 2003 the nature of Immigration Law changed from being transactional and service-based to administrative procedure and litigation-based. Christian Louboutin Beige Kaleidriss Lame Merc Doudou Thong Spike Sandals Size EU 41 (Approx. US 11) Regular (M, B)The interaction with the Federal Bureaucracy became based on confrontation and legal strategy. This was a profound change.

Our Immigration Practice grew in response to that change. Many of our clients were foreign nationals or small businesses with critical employees who were foreign born. Our experience in Civil Litigation became a necessary skill in this new era of immigration. Valentino Red Flats Size US 8.5 Regular (M, B)

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My desk was the front seat of my Jeep Cherokee. I had worked for a firm in Washington, Christian Louboutin Nude Platforms Size US 6 Regular (M, B)D.C., followed by two law firms in Connecticut. At that time, I had some experience in civil litigation, construction law, and a little knowledge of immigration law from some pro bono asylum cases.

I built relationships with as many people as I could. As my client base and caseload grew, I realized I needed staff and other attorneys. I sought out sharp individuals with interesting backgrounds and a shared sense of humanity. Today my practice has become our practice. Christian Louboutin Black Leather Bianca Pumps Size US 9.5 Regular (M, B) Michael Doyle became my law partner in 2018. He brought with him a wealth of experience, and he immediately earned the respect of his peers and clients.

The community and global experience of our practice partners strengthens the two main spheres of our practice today: Civil litigation and immigration. In the beginning, our immigration practice was more of a pro bono enterprise and for many years depended on our civil litigation practice to cover its expenses.Christian Louboutin Pink Pigalle Follies Poudre Patent Stiletto 55mm Pumps Size EU 39 (Approx. US 9) Regular (M, B) Today, our immigration work is a core practice and financially self-sufficient, and it is now the wellspring of our success and growth as trial lawyers.

Immigration work involves complicated issues of statutory, regulatory, and policy interpretation. It concerns constitutional challenges to the detention and removal of foreign born residents. The legal issues involved are complex, favor the U.S. government, and have immediate consequences. We must succeed or see our client's families and lives forever destroyed. That kind of pressure makes a trial lawyer learn quickly or suffer possible defeat. We choose to learn.

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Our focus is on civil trials and complex immigration matters that require administrative and federal court litigation. Below are links and contact information by area of practice.

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We try cases to verdict. Most of our work comes at the end of the settlement process, when each side has made their best offers. While a settlement may still arise during our handling of a matter, our focus is building a favorable trial story and finding the best facts to support our client's case. We do this by working closely with our clients and their representatives to learn all material issues and details.

We take a forward leaning approach in our cases, moving the pleadings and process toward a planned conclusion. Christian Louboutin Black Mea Culpa 120 Suede Pumps Size US 8 Regular (M, B)We avoid filing motions that have little value to the case and generate unnecessary costs to our clients. We listen to learn our client's goals and objectives and then develop the best trial strategy. Where our representation is on a contingency fee basis, we take care not to steer our clients into settlements that do not provide them with a financial benefit.

The first task is to consider the objective of a law suit. What is the desired outcome of the law suit? Christian Louboutin Tan Beige Ankle - 9.5 Boots/Booties Size US 9As a plaintiff, this requires either the recovery of money or obtaining an enforceable decree from the court requiring another party to take certain actions. For the defendant, an objective is to avoid paying money (or reducing the amount of an inevitable payment). In some situations, it may also be avoiding an order of the court that would limit or control its conduct in some undesired manner.
Once the objective is determined, the conduct of the litigation is a matter of planning and preparation. In this regard, you must rely on your Trial Counsel to develop the trial plan and strategy, but you must remain involved. Ask for tangible progress reports and milestones. You must also ask what information will be required and then make sure that information is readily available. The more you understand and are involved in your law suit, the better the chance of a successful outcome.

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Immigration policies change by the day. To practice in this field of law, it is important to remain current, study continuously, and follow all changes.

Today Immigration is still a wedge issue for politicians. Christian Louboutin Black Fifi 100 Spiked Leather Eu 38 Pumps Size US 7.5Politics drive the policies of the leaders of the Department of Homeland Security, and, increasingly, employers and families are the subjects of immigration politics. Restrictive laws may play well to constituencies until there are labor shortages in important areas of the economy such as agriculture, construction, and tourism. Moreover, poorly planned policies encourage the blocking of individuals seeking to escape political oppression, Christian Louboutin Black Simple 70 Suede Heels Pumps Size US 10.5 Regular (M, B)violence, and economic deprivation.
The United States' economy requires businesses to compete in the global marketplace where there is an ever-increasing pressure on the cost of manufacturing and the delivery of services. To compete, companies require a skilled, motivated workforce willing to work for low wages and without benefits. Simultaneously, the United States needs the most talented innovators and brilliant thinkers to expand grow the nation’s economy into the future.

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Our principal office is located on the New Haven Green in New Haven, Connecticut. Our building is located at the cross streets of Church Street and Elm Street.  We recommend parking at one of the area garages which are located around our building.

More specific directions for travel may be found by using the map below:

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We will get back to you asap. Fields marked with * are required.

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